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You can match the paper color with your theme or match the flower with personality if the baby shower is more intimate and personal. For origami flowers, kusudama flowers look amazing and they are actually quite doable to make. Rattle bath puffs – attach bath puffs to a nicely laced stick to make them look like a baby rattle.

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  • Either way, this will keep host and guest from being caught off guard.
  • Designed for clueless dads, this bodysuit features clearly labeled limb and head placement indicators to make dressing the new bundle of joy that much easier.
  • If you have out-of-town guests, be sure to include on the invitation that they will need cupcake supplies.
  • Obtain an old sculpture or lawn ornament from a yard sale or a thrift shop.

We heard a lot of moms say they are too shy to ask for fun family board games specific gifts, especially gift cards, so they just leave everything to the guests. The truth is, that’s the most common approach to all gift-giving events, and not only for baby showers. People are afraid of being perceived as rude if they ask for the stuff they want. We are all close to at least two people who are known to be oversensitive about gifts they bought and other things they have done for us. It’s sometimes hard to make a suggestion without them being offended or hurt. It takes quite some time to pick food, drinks, and snacks for a baby shower.

Baby will be “doing it for the ’gram” when they’re smiling on this adorable star and moon milestone blanket that can track their age from days old to years old. We love that it comes with everything parents need to create a custom photo shoot, including coordinating frames and a wooden chalkboard sign and liquid chalk maker. I bought 60 of these for my baby shower and they were perfect. Everything came out great, in cute little gift packing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the cancellation and postponement of countless events, from graduations to weddings to birthday parties. And for expectant parents, the idea of having a traditional baby shower is pretty much off the table right now. This is probably the most obvious but also allows the guest of honor to either open them ahead of time and do a show-and-tell during the virtual shower. Or opening gifts virtually can be another activity during your virtual shower.

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Wine is a great prize because, just like the candle and the plant, you can dress it up. Even if the winner doesn’t drink wine, it is always nice to have a bottle on hand. This hilarious word game is a treat for all ages and can easily be adapted for baby-themed fun!

Baby Bottle Shower Favor Kit

I think you’ll find that the planning steps are very similar and you’ll be able to ignore birthday specific items easily. If your virtual baby shower includes some live video chat time, this game can easily be played remotely. Just create a private message with everyone but the mom-to-be to tell them how to play. In this situation, the hostess can be the scorekeeper. Why not make changing those diapers a little more fun and humorous for mom and dad? The Message on a Diaper activity is easy to coordinate, making it arguably the best possible baby shower games at work.

It can be full of jokes, well-wishes, or simple expressions of love and friendship. The expecting mom can read them when she wants to relieve stress or simply to put a smile on her face. Provide a big box of diapers and several permanent markers. Have guests decorate the backs of the diapers with funny or inspirational messages. Put them in a bag to be surprises for after the baby arrives. All you have to do is hold the items up to your camera like an old-school car model.

Top 10 Baby Shower Candy Gifts & Favors

The mother must be there for each detail since it’s her baby. Even if the grandma prefers ideas of her own, she should always refer to the mom-to-be. Muslin swaddles are a new mom staple, and if you ask any parent who already has babies, they’ll say you can never have enough. They’re soft, lightweight, breathable, wrap-able, portable, and serve tons of purposes. You can use them to swaddle, of course, as a blanket for nap or tummy time, as a breastfeeding cover, a sunshield, or even as a burp cloth in a pinch.

This baby shower bingo game is easy to print and play at the baby shower you are throwing. Expectant mother Carolyn Nash had a virtual baby shower on May 23, 2010. She lives in Florida, but friends from Colorado and Chile participated.

When the new baby is born, mom and dad will spend plenty of time walking with the stroller. A stroller phone mount keeps their cell safe and easy to access. Most traditional baby showers are held for firstborns—but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate the arrival of your second, third, or more.