Stupid Over Cupid may be the fifteenth episode of the show. It aired on Teletoon in Canada as well as on comic strip Network in the us

Stupid Over Cupid may be the fifteenth episode of the show. It aired on Teletoon in Canada as well as on comic strip Network in the us

Nikki, fed up with the hassle over romantic days celebration, determines that she’s going to spend this romantic days celebration without a date. At the same time, Wyatt highlights out about their upcoming big date with Serena, and Jonesy deals himself down as a date.


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Principal Plot

Jude was employed at put it whenever Jonesy shows up with a stack of heart-shaped box and initiate answering these with chicken. Jude in the beginning questions Jonesy as to what reason for this course of action, however when Jonesy shows that folks pick everything on valentine’s as long as its in a heart-shaped package, and shows his point by offering a box of meat to a cowboy, Jude is immediately on board with Jonesy’s plan. Soon, Jude are working on his or her own perceptions, as as soon as the cowboy comes home to grumble, Jude fibs that chicken may be the brand-new pattern in gift-giving and offers the cowboy a meat bouquet for $30.

Afterwards, Jonesy and Jude link up along with the rest of these company from the huge Squeeze. Indeed there, Wyatt discloses their large methods the nights to his family: flora, delicious chocolate, and a date at Super excellent Happy Sushi. While Jen and Caitlin is amazed, Jonesy and Nikki tend to be less thus, because they believe he is utilizing every cliche within the book on Serena. However, eventually the main topics discussion try steered to another time, as Jonesy asks Lesbian dating website out Nikki simply to feel denied because Nikki won’t date on valentine’s more considering having so many terrible experience. Because of this, she intends to hang out with Jen and Caitlin on Valentine’s Day–a program that Jen and Caitlin tend to be wanting to ditch within earliest chance of them obtaining times.

Regrettably for Jen and Caitlin, no one is interested in them, from rugby participants to Greeter Gods. Sooner or later, they find themselves combat over Darth, and while this experience a minute of quality in which they realize getting together with Nikki was far better than dating Darth. But neither of these are prepared to get dateless, so when Jen arises with a notion to have them a date for that evening, Caitlin is all also pleased to follow and Jen’s arrange. This means that, Caitlin fakes fainting in front of twist This, and even though most people are sidetracked, Jen sneaks into the store and steals a Jason standee to utilize as his or her date.

Whenever Nikki sees their unique big date, this woman is in the beginning suspicious until Caitlin points out that despite are made of cardboard, Jason try cute, offered, and unlikely to express things stupid. Nikki concedes these things, and soon the trio is obtained around the table, gorging on junk food and enjoying on their own. To finest it all down, the night gets even better whenever Jonesy becomes eager as he’s caught between three terrible dates, letting girls to view his frustration until Jonesy reduces and pleads Nikki to acquire him.

Nikki believes to do this on terminology good to their, and very quickly the class have Jonesy as his or her big date. This means that, Jonesy are required by their female buddies doing everything they need, and spends the night in servitude towards all of them. Despite Jonesy hating the day, however, the three women celebrate, and Nikki admits the very next day that she had a great time on Valentine’s Day–even if she is maybe not ready to kiss Jonesy because of it.

Sub-Plot One: Wyatt’s Date

Wyatt is actually functioning at Spin This as he knocks over a collection of CD instances. While curved to pick them up, he or she is concealed from remaining portion of the shop by a counter, and overhears Serena speaking with Charmaine about precisely how she detests soft Valentine’s schedules. Upon reading this, Wyatt cancels most of the methods the guy generated until a conversation with Caitlin and Jen indicates to him that Serena may have been lying for Charmaine’s advantages.

Wyatt subsequently frantically actively works to try and get his reservations right back, but has no profits. But when Serena asks your when it comes to identity of a group that he played that she preferred, he gets a thought, when big date energy rolls around the guy offers Serena a present-day: a combination CD made up of tunes from a number of the groups he plays that she loves. Serena is amazed by this present, and additionally they check out need an excellent, pressure-free time on romantic days celebration.

Sub-Plot Two: Auctioning Off Jonesy

Whenever Nikki will not go out with your, Jonesy decides to alternatively auction himself off as a romantic days celebration go out towards finest bidder. Soon, he’s acquiring hit on from the likes of Blonde Wave woman and tasty Mummy, and it is appreciating himself until a dateless Julie appears and locations a bid of $55, vaulting the woman to the top of this area. Upon seeing this, Jonesy actually starts to worry about the sort of girl he could attract, with his concerns merely deepen when a male cowboy places a bid nicely, as he never ever specified that just females happened to be eligible bidders.

Quickly, industry possess narrowed to simply two bidders: Julie additionally the cowboy. Because it gets to be more probably he’ll have to go around with either Julie or some guy, Jonesy becomes more eager, but landscapes salvation when confronted with a pretty female whose label he does not see. Unfortunately for Jonesy, she knows him, as they sought out on a romantic date as soon as, after which he never also known as their back once again. This girl places a bid, but this lady purpose is to get payback on Jonesy.

With no choices kept, Jonesy offers with Nikki in order that she’ll pick him. Nikki eventually believes, but draws a pair of concessions out-of him: first of all, Nikki won’t have to pay for the cost she puts straight down, and subsequently, Jonesy can do anything Nikki commands for the rest of the evening. Jonesy agrees to those terms, and Nikki walks over and areas a worthless quote of $20,000, winning the girl Jonesy’s service your evening–services which she, Jen, and Caitlin make the most of.

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