Usually, culturally and liturgically talking, Santeria has long been a religion that honors women and upholds their own value in society.

Usually, culturally and liturgically talking, Santeria has long been a religion that honors women and upholds their own value in society.

Several of the most vital and crucial numbers inside reputation of Santeria have now been lady.

Females molded the way in which our faith advanced inside «  » new world «  ». Women protected the lore of one’s religion by-passing throughout the methods of your ceremonies, our very own sacred music, and lexicon of real information present in all of our divination systems. Simply set, Santeria was a women’s religion.

The Yoruba had been constantly a matrilineal someone. Female held great power into the function of their particular society and government. As the Yoruba tribes had been patriarchal in the sense that males used the functions of kings and chiefs, the women in the tribes ran your family and orchestrated daily life. The importance of people can even be noticed in the powerful women orishas being based in the pantheon of Santeria. Yemaya is the mother of all live circumstances, the master of all oceans and is also king of heaven as well as the earth. Oshun, her young cousin is the orisha associated with the lake, the essence of femininity, sensuality, charm and it is a powerful witch and seductress. Oya try a fierce women warrior orisha which rides the whirlwind, wields a machete, tosses lightning and battles by Shango’s area as his equal. Obba may be the king orisha exactly who descended to the underworld and converted herself from a rejected outcast, to a strong sorceress wielding the powers of life and death. While not an orisha, Iku – the energy of demise – is sometimes portrayed as women within our patakis (legends). Actually Olodumare – the maker deity – try gender-neutral tilting female inside her part as founder on the universe. Women are often proves to be strong and important at the heart of Santeria’s religious rehearse.

Important Ladies In Santeria

A lot of women has played crucial functions in the history of Santeria. These are a number of the considerably popular lady – many of who are located when you look at the moyuba prayer that most initiates repeat inside our religious exercise. Understand that as soon as you call upon the names of the mighty ancestors, you are contacting upon the ache of women while the Lesbian dating free important contributions they produced in Santeria.

Oba Tero (Ma Monserrate Gonzalez), a Yoruban slave from the town of Egbado and priestess of Shango, was actually brought to Havana, Cuba during the 1840’s and made the woman solution to Matanzas after a dispute with Efunche Warikondo and Latuan (who dominated Santeria practice in Havana). She ended up being just about the most influential creators of Santeria in Matanzas. She transported the “asiento” design initiation along with her special Egbado-centric methods to Matanzas, establishing the differences between Matanzas lineages and Havana lineages. She was actually a prominent oriate in our religion.

Ferminita Gomez “Ocha Bi” – preserver from the Olokun customs in Santeria

Her goddaughter, Ocha Bi (Ferminita Gomez) a priestess of Yemaya was important in protecting the Lukumi heritage of Olokun praise and a lot of santeros who possess gotten Olokun have received her orisha from the lady lineage of descendants. This was particularly important because she wrestled the command over Olokun’s mysteries away from the Babalawos, saving an Ocha-centric lineage of their mysteries.

Efunche Warikondo (Rosalia Abreu) a strong priestess and mind associated with the Cabildo San Jose 80 (a shared aid community for slaves) is perhaps one of the most important figures in establishing the asiento design of kariocha (crowning as a priest) in Santeria. The slaves of Havana worked along to buy the woman independence from slavery. She stated becoming of royal Yoruban blood. She alongside Ayaji Latuan (Timotea Albear – a strong and prominent oriate) at one point controlled the complete faith of Santeria’s application around the city of Havana, Cuba. No body could work in the city without their acceptance. These two girls worked with each other to standardize and establish the Oyo-centric “asiento” design of kariocha in Santeria. This style of initiation, where the newer priest gets multiple orishas in addition to his tutelary orisha, has become the standard training for the people being started in to the priesthood for 95percent of Olorishas. Discover a variant that comes out of Matanzas as established by Oba Tero (mentioned before) – but that ceremony can an “asiento” form of initiation.

Aurora Lamar – creator on the Atare lineage

Aurora Lamar (goddaughter of Efunche and a priestess of Aggayu) ended up being the creator in the Atare Lineage (Pimienta Lineage) of Santeria named following Atare neighborhood of Havana, Cuba in which she stayed. She had lots or even a large number of godchildren that she started, and got recognized for starting everyone and permitting them to shell out in installments. This resulted in this lady nickname of “La Asia del ten-cent” (The Chinese-looking woman of this ten-cent store) because you could spend in ten-cent installments for the initiation.

People were oriates and tend to be nevertheless able to be oriates in Santeria. People comprise mighty godmothers starting a huge selection of people. Girls divined with diloggun and offered orishas to individuals. Lady undoubtedly consolidated Santeria’s practices through the fragments of varied tribal religious traditions into one cohesive faith.

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